Life in 4D: Time Management & Work-Life Balance

A couple of weekends ago, three dear friends from Indiana came for a visit: Charlene, who was my executive assistant in the Department of Pediatrics at the IU School of Medicine; Lori, who was my nurse at Riley Hospital for Children and; Linda, my former fellow who is now a very successful pediatric endocrinologist.

Listening to stories about Linda’s children got me thinking about when my children were young. The approach of summer always meant that I had to schedule more activities for my kids. This, of course, meant it was a good time for me to take a look at my own schedule and make sure that I could effectively be both Mom and doctor. While not always an easy task, it is certainly one of the most important.

Work-life balance is fundamental to our physical, mental and emotional wellness, as well as our productivity in – and satisfaction with – our professional and personal lives. In my experience, the key to balancing work and life effectively comes down to time management.  Over the course of my life and career, I’ve found that the best strategy for time management is following the Pareto Principle. Continue reading