Change and Opportunity

March has been quite an eventful month for the health care industry, both nationally and locally.

Just yesterday, President Obama signed the final piece of health care reform into law, thus enacting the most significant overhaul of health insurance and coverage in decades. Also this month it was announced that Tennessee-based Vanguard Health Systems is buying Detroit Medical Center. DMC’s shift from non-profit to for-profit could have considerable impact on the health care landscape in Michigan. Continue reading

The 2010 Employee Engagement Survey is now open!

As I was preparing to write this e-mail encouraging staff to take this year’s Employee Engagement Survey, I was thinking about what makes employees feel good about their workplace. What makes us want to build our careers with an organization or recommend it as a great place to work? What makes us feel like we are contributing to some greater good?

Certainly, we all want – and deserve – to feel valued and respected by colleagues, leadership and those we serve. It’s also important to be part of a workplace culture that adapts and responds readily to change. And, of course, one can never overstate the fundamental importance of good communication. Continue reading

Follow-up to “The Importance of Diversity”

A message from Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, M.D., Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs

Response to my most recent newsletter has been wonderfully overwhelming and extremely informative! I learned about the U-M Council for Disability Concerns’ efforts to raise consciousness about disability issues, the U-M Dental School’s annual “Give Kids a Smile” event to provide at-risk children with free dental care and the Mott Respiratory Therapy Department’s annual Black History Month Celebration, among other programs and initiatives. Continue reading