I am thankful for many things – my wonderful family and friends, a job that I love and a workplace comprised of truly amazing individuals like those featured in this video taken during a visit I made to our KMS building.

Wishing you and your loved ones a festive Thanksgiving!

My Visit to Michigan Dialysis

When you walk into the Michigan Dialysis outpatient clinic on South Industrial Highway in Ann Arbor, you get a strong sense of family.

Because patients visit routinely for ongoing care, the doctors, nurses, dieticians, social workers and other staff are able to get to know them on a deeper level than is typically possible in an inpatient hospital setting. And because the type of care required by patients is multifaceted, team members need to be coordinated and collaborative in order to successfully and appropriately meet patients’ needs.

I visited in April and met several members of this wonderful team. I was particularly impressed by the bonds that team members have formed with each other and with their patients – bonds that are rooted in demonstrable compassion (one of my 7Cs!).

The brief video below was taken during my visit. In addition to providing insight into what makes this group so special, the video demonstrates the team’s commitment to creating the ideal patient care experience. For example, with FIGS funding, the program purchased iPads, iPods, laptops and a Kindle that they give to patients for use during treatment. Take a look:

My visit to UMHS Revenue Cycle Operations: On the backlines, key to frontline service

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit the KMS building and tour our UMHS Revenue Cycle Operations unit. I met members of the team and saw their work in action – including the billing side of MiChart. Even though this is the often unsung business side of health care operations, it is an incredibly important way that we achieve many of our clinical strategic goals. The work of these and all Finance employees has significant implications for achieving the ideal patient care experience. Impressively, many of the teams are applying “lean in daily work” and Michigan Quality System processes to improve flow and reduce unnecessary steps in their processes, as well as improve the billing experience for payers and patients alike. It is challenging work, and I am truly grateful for their diligence and dedication. Below are some photos from my visit that highlight their lean work. Enjoy!

University of Michigan Orthotics and Prosthetics Center: Creativity in Action

One week from today, the University of Michigan Orthotics and Prosthetics Center will celebrate an extraordinary milestone – 100 years of service – with an open house event.

One of the reasons the O&P team has been making such a tremendous difference in the lives of their patients and families is because they embrace creativity as part of their daily work. Creativity is one of my 7Cs and, honestly, the most important C of all.

The O&P team assists people of all ages with diverse challenges, and each solution they develop is a combination of tools and therapies customized to the patient’s unique needs, goals and abilities.

We all have limitless opportunity to be creative in our daily work, because at its very core creativity is about looking at the same problem everyone else is looking at, but seeing it differently and taking a unique approach to finding a solution.

In April, I had the opportunity to visit with the O&P team see first-hand why they are so exceptional. Rather than tell you about my visit, why don’t you see for yourself: