Thank you, Rich & Susan Rogel

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Susan & Rich Rogel

Today, the University announced an incredible gift from an extraordinary couple – Rich and Susan Rogel. Rich and Susan have given the University $50 million — $30 million for medical school scholarships, $10 million for the U-M Center for Chinese Studies and $10 million for future U-M initiatives.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the Rogels’ amazing demonstration of support for our University, our Health System and our mission to serve others and cultivate future generations of leaders and best. At the same time, I am not surprised that Rich and Susan would make such a gift. No matter what might be happening in their own lives, they are always looking for ways to help others and make the world a better place. They’ve done this by funding scholarships in the Ross School of Business, the School of Social Work, and the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, in addition to the Medical School.  They partnered with us to create the Max Rogel Research Fellowship in Pancreatic Cancer and the Allen H. Blondy Research Fellowship for Melanoma. And most recently, when they experienced the painful and tragic loss of Susan’s daughter last year, they honored her by establishing the Ilene Ross Joseph Memorial Fund in Personalized Medicine.

In addition to generous gifts of dollars, Rich has given us an even more valuable gift over the years by volunteering his time, energy and vision in a number of advisory roles. I have been privileged to work closely with Rich in his role as a longstanding member of the Health System Advisory Group, which is a small group of external volunteers who are very dedicated to Michigan and to our Health System, and provide strategic counsel and input on a variety of matters relevant to our tripartite mission.


Left to Right: Professor Qiudan Sun, Director of the Office of International Cooperation at Peking University Health Science Center; Ora Pescovitz; Rich Rogel; Professor Xian Wang, Vice-president of Peking University Health Science Center.

Then, last May, I had the unique privilege of spending time in China with Rich and experiencing the country through his eyes. A true citizen of the world, Rich has been a wonderful supporter of our Health System’s and University’s important collaborations with universities in China, even to the point of establishing the Richard Rogel China Research and Travel Endowment fund in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Rich believes in the amazing possibilities that can emerge through global entrepreneurship, medical innovation and scholarship opportunities for University of Michigan faculty and students. Of memorable note, while we were in China Rich also introduced me to some of the spiciest food I have ever eaten. In addition to a heart of gold, that man has a mouth of steel!

And now, once again, Rich honors us with his time, energy and vision by agreeing to serve as chair of the Health System component of the Victors for Michigan Campaign. I cannot think of a more gifted, inspiring, dedicated and articulate person to lead our Health System campaign and serve as our champion.

Rich is a brilliant and adept businessman and entrepreneur, who believes in using his own success to enable that of others. He is a man who embraces new and different ideas and perspectives, and creates opportunities for others to do so, as well.  He is someone I consider a great friend and role model, who has encouraged me to grow and be a better leader and person. And he is true Blue.

Thank you Rich, and thank you Susan. We are so fortunate to have you as our Victors.


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One thought on “Thank you, Rich & Susan Rogel

  1. Jim Hiller on said:

    Dear Rich,

    I always knew that I liked you. That genuine, clear and undeterred manner of yours is and always was a joy to watch in our meetings. I even knew by reputation that you were a generous man who supported the efforts of others to do good and did so with a uniquely global view and humility reserved for the most special of men.

    What you and Susan have done for University of Michigan is quite simply so extraordinary that I am nearly at a loss for words ( not entirely as you can see). Many years ago Dean Woolliscroft spoke with me about what might be the key to making U of M’s medical school the number one not a top ten. His view was that the ability to offer tuition free education to medical students would permit the school to find and enroll those outstanding young men and women who are lost to places such as Hopkins and Harvard that do so with regularity . At the dinner prior to our recent meeting you asked my son Spence who is an M4 at the medical school about one of his classmates whose education you have underwritten. On the way home Spence said to me that the student you mentioned was so extraordinary that it was widely agreed amongst the class that he will leave a remarkable difference imprinted upon whatever part of medicine he touches. So it seems go most things you touch, curate or set your mind to.

    You have not only my thanks and admiration for your dedication, generosity and stalwart presence at University of Michigan but my eternal gratitude for what you have done for all of us here on the planet.

    If you do not know the legend of the Tzadikim Nistarim you should. If there are 35 others like you I want to meet them.

    All my best

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