Board of Regents institutes changes to safety and security at U-M, UMHS

Dear Health System Community,

In February 2012, the University of Michigan Board of Regents called for an extensive investigation and review of the delay in reporting suspected possession of child pornography by a former U-M resident. Today, at their October meeting, the Board of Regents instituted significant changes to improve how we handle safety and security at the University of Michigan, including at our Health System. I encourage you to read the memo from the Regents and related information, which can be found here.

In my message to our UMHS community last January, I acknowledged this delay in reporting as a painful moment in our history and that, moving forward, we will do better. The actions outlined by our Board of Regents are necessary steps to help us do better and to facilitate our movement forward. I would like to thank the Board, the consultants and the many faculty, staff and leaders who have been involved in this difficult, yet critical, effort.  Your honesty and clear commitment to improve are resounding evidence that we will succeed in making our University and our Health System safer, especially for our patients, whose safety is our highest priority.

It is incumbent upon all of us in the Health System community to be engaged partners in this ongoing effort. We all have a responsibility to take action when we see something that is wrong. Even though it isn’t always easy to speak up, it is always the right thing to do. And doing the right thing is, as President Coleman has said, the Michigan way.

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