My Visit to Michigan Dialysis

When you walk into the Michigan Dialysis outpatient clinic on South Industrial Highway in Ann Arbor, you get a strong sense of family.

Because patients visit routinely for ongoing care, the doctors, nurses, dieticians, social workers and other staff are able to get to know them on a deeper level than is typically possible in an inpatient hospital setting. And because the type of care required by patients is multifaceted, team members need to be coordinated and collaborative in order to successfully and appropriately meet patients’ needs.

I visited in April and met several members of this wonderful team. I was particularly impressed by the bonds that team members have formed with each other and with their patients – bonds that are rooted in demonstrable compassion (one of my 7Cs!).

The brief video below was taken during my visit. In addition to providing insight into what makes this group so special, the video demonstrates the team’s commitment to creating the ideal patient care experience. For example, with FIGS funding, the program purchased iPads, iPods, laptops and a Kindle that they give to patients for use during treatment. Take a look:

5 thoughts on “My Visit to Michigan Dialysis

  1. Carey Chesney on said:

    Great video! It’s so nice to see the sense of family that can be created when team members work together to deliver exceptional patient experiences.

  2. Shari Barnett on said:

    Wonderful video and what an exceptional team. The smiles on the patient’s faces brought a smile to mine.

  3. Jill Secord on said:

    What an inspiration! To have Executive Leadership visit patients shows the UMHS commitment to the Ideal Patient Care Experience.

  4. Jennifer Steiner on said:

    Great video. It’s wonderful to see how much personal care – person to person matters to the patients. The human factor – you just can’t replace it.

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